Join the project idea community

Please note this is not a project proposal submission tool. All information on the open call for project proposals are available here.

What is the project idea community?

The project idea community is open to anyone who would like to:

+ share their project idea with others,

+ find potential project partners, and/or

+ get a non-binding feedback on their project idea.

How does it work?

With the subscription to the project idea community, you create your personal account and you are automatically part of the partner search database. This database is restricted to the persons who have subscribed to the community. Using the filter function, you can look for potential project partners by country, type of institution or priority/keywords of their project idea.

By joining the community, you also have the possibility to submit a project idea. This project idea can be made visible in the project idea database, which everybody can access. Alternatively, you can save an idea without publishing it. In this case, the project idea will be treated as confidential among the programme bodies and is circulated only within the ACP/JS network. 

In any case (idea published or not), you can request feedback on your project idea from an ACP and/or the JS.

Can I edit my project idea?

Any project idea can be edited or published at a later stage by logging in to the community and also feedback can be requested later, using the edit function. In order to save any changes you have made, always end your editing by clicking "submit".

What happens after the closure of the call for proposal?

Once call for proposal is closed, all project ideas will be unpublished. However, persons who saved a project idea can still find it on their personal account.

We hope you enjoy using the project idea and partner search tool. If you would like to report a problem or delete your account, please contact js@alpine-space.eu.