As part of the European programme PEACE_Alps, and with the collective support of "Climate, my territory, is it concerned?" of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region in autumn 2017, eight territories were guided by AURA-EE and AGEDEN during inter-territorial days combining theory, methodology and synthesis of studies on the themes of tourism and agriculture.

The first day focused on the effects of climate change; the main indicators and the territorial climate profiles produced by the ORECC (Regional Observatory of the Effects of Climate Change). The participants presented an inventory of their territory and gave the first elements of vulnerability analysis. They completed this data using the "impact chain" tool. The main areas of work that have emerged are: the management of water resources, the fragility of winter tourism due to the absence of snow and the impact on agriculture linked to the loss of biodiversity, the weakening of crops, offsetting blooms, etc.

During the second day, two interventions in the field of tourism and agriculture took place. Different feedbacks were shared. Tools were presented to the territories to help them implement a strategy, define and plan the objectives of each step.

During the last day, in December 2017, participants discussed the fundamentals of change coaching; worked on a plan of animation and mobilization of the stakeholders and finalized their roadmap. Some territories have decided on an action plan on biodiversity or on the diversification of winter tourism, a water resource management plan, a territory contract on spaces sensitive natural resources or a programme of actions for the restoration and maintenance of wetlands.

Climate change activities in the region will continue in 2018 with the support of partners from the PEACE_Alps program: AURA-EE and AGEDEN.