It is important to talk about good projects!

Within the course of the Oberallgäu climate conference in Immenstadt on 7th of March 2018 a wide range of private and municipal best practice examples regarding projects related to energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, renewable energies and sustainable resources consumption were presented.

“It is fascinating how much progress has been made during the last 3 years” Landrat Anton Klotz stated obviously pleased about the development in the Oberallgäu Region. One almost neglected topic though, is climate change adaptation. For that reason PEACE_Alps tried to convince municipalities to accept the offer to hold adaptation workshops in order to develop actions to prevent or minimize future climate change induced hazards for the region. During the last years climate change affected winter tourism in the Allgäu Region already seriously. And in the near future until 2040 it might reduce the skiing areas up to 30% of the today area. This caused several serious thoughts about the topic.