Lombardy Region is in charge of AlpFoodway Socio-Cultural Video Enquiry to make a collection of interviews that lets the cultural and social values expressed in Alpine Food Heritage emerge. The main goal is to overcome stereotypes and highlight the links between Alpine food cultural heritage, related productive landscapes and their distinctive - and modern - cultural values.

The Alps are a place of tradition and innovation, where quality of local produce, environmental sustainability and new forms of sustainable tourism all come together to foster local development. A deep investigation of these aspects can raise awareness in Alpine communities and build a positive attitude toward the project of nominating Alpine Food Heritage for addition to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, as a traditional “foodway”.

AlpFoodway partners proposed an array of experts and local testimonials involved in the production, safeguarding and transmission of food heritage. In their interviews, master chefs, photographers, writers, journalists, as well as vine-growers, farmers, cheesemakers, breeders, mountaineers, naturalists, sociologists offer a variety of points of view about contemporary Alpine values like intergenerational transmission of know-how, care of the territory, respect for the environment and quality of cultural landscapes.