AlpFoodway is happy to welcome AlpinaVera and Edmund Mach Foundation as project observers, that is external partners who are interested in project results and involved in project activities. They make up a network of subjects who share common goals and are interested in learning from each other.

AlpinaVera is a Swiss association that includes Alpine food producers and sellers to support their marketing activities, coordinate the different players of the value creation chain and set up shared information and promotional campaigns about locally produced food. It is interested in learning from AlpFoodway experiences and research and in finding new marketing ideas and approaches.

Edmund Mach Foundation is a prestigious institution that delivers a range of education, training and technology transfer programs in the fields of agriculture, food processing and sustainable development. It is interested in learning how AlpFoodway analyses the production and promotion of heritage food and about the methods the project uses to identify and highlight local peculiarities.

We are really looking forward to working together and sharing our results with you.