5th July 2019, Lima (Peru)

The AlpFoodway project was presented at the workshop "Collective Action, Governance and Adaptation:  Lessons from the Alps and Andes” , organized by Centro de Investigaciones Sociólogicas Económicas Políticas y Antropológicas – CISEPA  (Centre of the Sociological, Economical, Political, and Anthropological Research) at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – PUCP (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) and by The Mountain Institute.

The workshop brought together experienced practitioners and researchers from the Andes and Alps to share experiences working with mountain communities to address social and environmental challenges (including climate change, glacial melting, external interventions, demographic and economic transformations, and more).  In the presentation "Participatory transnational and cross-border approaches to alpine food heritage and cultural heritage collections” Špela Ledinek Lozej  (ZRC SAZU) presented experiences from AlpFoodway project. The public was interested also because of the Peruvian attempts to inscribe its cuisine on the UNESCO list.

The workshop was an accompanying event of the XVII Biennial Conference “In Defense of the Commons: Challenges, Innovation, and Action” of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC).