On the 11th of october 2019 an AlpBioEco Open Innovaton Workshop at "Vom Fass AG" at Waldburg near Ravensburg in Germany took place successfully. It was organized and executed by the AlpBioEco project partners "Albstadt-Sigmaringen University" , "BUND Regionalverband Bodensee-Oberschwaben" and "Management Centre Innsbruck (MCI)".

About 20 experts from different professional backrounds attended the workshop. In interdisciplinary groups new business models in the walnut value chain were developed. Selected walnut product ideas and business models were discussed in terms of sustainability and their praticability in a circular economy in the Alpine Space. The workshop was part of the second workshop sequence on the basis of eco-innovative product ideas which have already been generated in the previous workshop round one.

On the photos below you find a few workshop impressions. 

Photos: © AlpBioEco