The „Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND)“ is a NGO to promote environ­mental und natural protection. It is the german section of „Friends of the Earth International“. The „Regionalverband Bodensee-Oberschwaben (RVBO)“ is a regional subdivision encompassing the administrative districts Ravensburg, Sigmaringen, Bodenseekreis und Konstanz. Main part of the finances of the NGO date from private funds to salaried projects. The BUND-RVBO represents local groups in 32 local communities and about 15.000 members and promoters. The managing board of the BUND-RVBO consists of eight actors from all over the region. Since more then thirty years, Ulfried Miller, secretary of RVBO, serves as head of the „Naturschutzzentrum Ravensburg“.

Know you better as a project partner

  1. How many people work in your organization on the AlpBioEco project and what are their roles?

Ulfried Miller: project management, networking, marketing, public relations 

Corinna Tonoli: project assistance, organization, homepage         

6 Volunteers: selling walnuts and oil, public relations


  1. Walnuts, apples or herbs? Which team do you belong to and why?

Ulfried Miller: We belong to the walnut-team. Our mission is to create a market for regional walnut products.


  1. What are you currently doing as work for the project?

Ulfried Miller: I am organizing a regional cross-industry workshop for the value chains of walnuts and apples at Waldburg, South Germany. I’m also holding a lecture at the “Network Meeting Nature Preservation” at the Regional Council Tübingen, Germany. 

Corinna Tonoli: I’m supporting Uli with the workshops and public relations of the project.


  1. Why did you choose to work for AlpBioEco?

Ulfried Miller: When we were asked to join the partnership, we agreed immediately. The network helps us very much to get new ideas and offers an exchange with engaged people creating and selling regional walnut products.


You and the bioeconomy

  1. In your opinion, how can AlpBioEco help to develop bioeconomy?

Ulfried Miller: Within the project we gain a lot of knowledge about best practice examples in the neighbourhood.


  1. Why do you think the bioeconomy is so important for the Alps?

Ulfried Miller: The Alps are wonderful and to keep them we need an adapted agriculture – adapted to the climate, soil types and water resources. Farmers must have a sufficient income to produce and to make a living there. Agriculture is bioeconomy!

Corinna Tonoli: For me, bioeconomy can be a driver for improving ecosystem services and biodiversity in the Alpine region. It creates incentives to local communities, farmers etc. to maintain and improve ecosystems in a sustainable way.


  1. If you just had to choose a symbolic word or expression representing the AlpBioEco project, which one would it be?

Ulfried Miller: innovative and dynamic

Corinna Tonoli: multi-level and multi-stakeholder


You can follow BUND’s activity on the internet on the following link: 


& on Social Media: Twitter , Youtube 

Attend the next Nature Conservation Event in the Lake Constance Region in January 2020 and meet our AlpBioEco project partner BUND-RVBO there. More info here.