AlpBioEco collaborates with "Andy's Früchte", a small fruit shop operated by Andrés Negreros Abril, located in the City of Sigmaringen. Gloria Kraus and Anna Bäuerle from the City of Sigmaringen and food expert Cornelia Ptach from the AlpBioEco-Team at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences have tested new walnut recipes with Andy to expand his range with products made of regionally grown walnuts. 
The aim of the AlpBioEco project is to discover new ways of using plant products from our region even more economically. To this end, new uses for residual materials from traditional processing, such as press cakes in oil production, are being researched and developed. 
In order to test the theoretical approaches gained in research in practice, cooperations with local companies and individual entrepreneurs are a major part of AlpBioEco's work. The aim is to address local farmers, processors of raw materials and consumers. "We have now gathered a great deal of technical know-how through our AlpBioEco research project, which we can now apply and test in practice in cooperation with Andys Früchte," says Gloria Kraus, project manager of the AlpBioEco research group.
One such cooperation is the collaboration between Andrés Negreros Abril from "Andys Früchte" and AlpBioEco. The food expert Cornelia Ptach from the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences is accompanying the first practical trials with Andy's fruits, testing products made from walnuts and then producing them. Walnuts are a healthy alternative in many respects. Walnuts and the walnut press cake produced during oil pressing are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and valuable vitamins, which are to be marketed in the form of new tasty products. The product range extends from walnut oil to walnut energyballs, muesli, spice mixtures and spicy-hot nuts.
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Photo: (left: Anna Baeuerle, middle: Andrés Negreros Abril, right: Gloria Kraus)