From 2nd to 4rd of December 2019 an AlpBioEco mid-term Meeting, hosted by AlpBioEco project partner “Terralia”, took place in Avignon, France. About 20 representatives of the different project partner organisations from Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Slovenia participated in the three day work meeting. The subject of the meeting was the presentation and final selection process of the developed business models and appertaining products as well as the preparation of the next steps for the pilot testing of these business models and products within the next six months.

So far, numerous product ideas and business models have been developed together with various stakeholders in the AlpBioEco workshops. On the basis of the results of the Open Innovation Workshops, the AlpBioEco project partner MCI Innsbruck selected in total 26 promising business models. These business models where presented and discussed with the representatives of the project partner organisations, as a basis for the upcoming selection of the final, most promising or innovative business models. On the 2nd of December, representatives of seven project partner organizations selected 12 business models from the 26 business models: four business models for each of the three value chains apples, herbs and walnuts. On the next day, 3rd of December, the approximately 20 representatives of AlpBioEco formed expert groups and selected 2 out of 4 business models for each value chain. On the last day, 4th December, the project partners worked on a roadmap for the next project period in 2020.

For all project partners who took part in the meeting at Avignon, a joint excursion to the Pope's Palace was organized, followed by a wine tasting with wines from the Rhône region and a visit to a French restaurant in Avignon. 

You find a few impressions of the meeting and the excursion below.