From July to November 2019, a total of 22 AlpBioEco Open Innovation Workshops took place in 5 EU countries. The main goal of these workshops was to develop new business concepts with higher valorization for the apple, herbs / alpine hay and walnut value chain. The workshops were conducted by MCI Innsbruck in cooperation with the AlpBioEco project partner organizations from Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia at 9 different locations. The workshops were conducted in two series: The first workshop series was about the development of eco-innovative product ideas from walnuts, apples and herbs / alpine hay. More than 440 ideas were developed in the first workshop series. On the basis of these product ideas, MCI Innsbruck created 75 idea profiles with the top 25 ideas per value chain (apples, herbs, walnuts), that were then used as a basis for the second workshop series. The second series dealt with sustainable business model development and value chain design for the Alpine region. The participating experts discussed and selected promising products and developed them into concrete business models, combining creativity and expertise. The results of the second workshop series are 26 business models for all three value chains and of those, seven business models will be presented in the next AlpBioEco Report. 

(photos: Fingers pointing in the middle: © Beer5020, © AlpBioEco Workshop photos)