The 10th of July 2018 the Piemonte Region met some of the municipalities that, in the framework of the PEACE_Alps project, have joined the daily monitoring service of the energy consumption of their public buildings.  This was a quite innovative activity, since it exploits the new potential provided by electronic gas meters.

The meeting was the opportunity to present the results on the analysis which have been done in 19 municipalities on a total of 30 public buildings, mainly schools and city halls. The objective of this service is that of highlighting, thanks to specific index, like: energy consumption per square meter, ratio between working day and holidays consumption, the situations presenting greater margins for reducing energy consumption through actions aimed to improve the management of heating systems. The analysis also showed in which case a good energy management is already under way.

Particularly, the main problems found in the sample of buildings analysed were illustrated, providing useful suggestions for limiting energy waste and for capitalizing on the survey results.Data obtained are also useful for setting some contractual conditions for the management and maintenance services of the heating systems, for example by entering the obligation of the daily monitoring activity.Each administration will now receive a personalised report including all data referred to it’s buildings.