Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

A.C.1 - Start-up activities including communications

D.C.1.1 - Communication Strategy
See the Communication Strategy document.

D.C.1.2 - Visual Identity & Corporate Design
See the Communication Strategy document.

D.C.1.3 - Website
See the Communication Strategy document.

A.C.3 - Promotional activities

D.C.3.1 - AlpBioEco Poster
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D.C.3.3 - AlpBioEco Leaflet
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A.C.5 - Digital activities

D.C.5.1 - Social media strategy: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
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A.C.6 - Publications

D.C.6.3 - Press releases 
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D.C.6.4 - Newsletter
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Newsletter 2018
Newsletters 2019