Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space

BM#08 - Walnut flips

Product description

Walnut flips are puffed snacks or puffed additives for cereals or energy bars made mostly from starch, e.g. potato, wheat or corn, and walnut press cake. The flips can vary in size and form: as small pellets, they can be part of breakfast cereals. As larger flips, similar to the well-known peanut flips, the walnut flips could be a snack to be served with an aperitif, at business events or back home as a healthier, more regional alternative to potato crisps.

Walnut flips can be produced in two ways. One option is to use already made starch extrudates that are subsequently coated with oil, spices and walnut press cake. The second option is to include walnut press cake in the extrudate mass and then process the mass into puffed extrudates, so that the starch extrudate also contains walnut press cake. For smaller businesses, the first option appears to be more attractive, as it requires less product development, less technological know-how and smaller investments into production facilities. The following business and marketing opportunities therefore only refer to the coated version.
Picture: Walnut flips prototypes, tasting in Ravensburg, Germany © Ulfried Miller

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