A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage


AlpFoodway works to preserve traditional foodways and turn them into assets for sustainable local development at a scale – the entire Alps – never attempted before.

Project goals:

  • Raise awareness that Alpine food heritage is an asset for peripheral AS areas and can become a driver for sustainable development both at the local and EUSALP level, if sustained by appropriate policies.
  • Develop innovative approaches for passing on traditional know how and for marketing mountain products and related experiences.
  • Establish new ways to manage cultural contents online.
  • Let a transnational Alpine identity based on traditional food heritage emerge.
  • Lay the bases for seeking UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status for Alpine food traditions.


To reach these goals he project has carried out four different activities through an innovative, cross-disciplinary, grassroots approach:


In addition, there are two activities that cut across all the others: