A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

AlpFoodway - News archive

  • Lo Pan Ner, Bauges Massif Regional Natural Park is celebrating the bread of the Alps

    Bauges Massif Regional Natural Park (PNRMB) is keep involving communities and people around the  traditional techniques, rituals and oral traditions of the Alpine food heritage, as intangible cultural heritage.

  • Alpfoodway goes to Poschiavo!

    From September 25 to 30 the representatives of the 14 Alpfoodways partners were hosted by AlpFoodway lead partner Polo Poschiavo for a week of work dedicated to the deepening of the methodologies and the objectives of collecting knowledge related to Alp foodway. Here a report by Dislivelli Association.

  • Traditional and contemporary values in Alpine agriculture, the seminar in Trento

    The seminar Traditional and contemporary values in Alpine agriculture with Annibale Salsa, anthropologist and member of the Scientific Committee of tsmstep, was held on Wednesday, July 12, in Trento, at the headquarters of the School for Spatial Planning and Landscape.

  • The safeguard of ICH in Slovenian Alps by ZRC SAZU

    The researchers of ZRC SAZU team started to work on inventory and safeguarding of ICH in Slovenian Alps. With participation of various communities as well as local stakeholders they are documenting four practices connected with Alpine food: Cheese Mohant, fried grated cheese – Frika, a stew or a roast of old mutton - Tržič braciola and fishing.

  • AlpFoodway at Polo Poschiavo - Alpine food culture as a future Unesco Heritage?

    From September 25 to 30 Poschiavo will host the 14 European partners of the Interreg Alpine Space project AlpFoodway. The event is organized by Polo Poschiavo, lead partner of the project.