A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

AlpFoodway - News archive

  • AlpFoodway synthesis workshop in Edolo (BS)

    On the 8th and 9th of July, the AlpFoodway project partners involved in work package T3 – pilot cases based on knowledge transfer invited the AlpFoodway observers to an expert synthesis workshop in one of the pilot areas, the Valle Camonica. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the approaches, experiences and results of all AlpFoodway pilot cases and generate recommendations and insights regarding the safeguarding and valorisation of Alpine food intangible cultural heritage. 

  • AlpFoodway goes to the Andes!

    The AlpFoodway project was presented at the workshop "Collective Action, Governance and Adaptation:  Lessons from the Alps and Andes”  , organized by Centro de Investigaciones Sociólogicas Económicas Políticas y Antropológicas – CISEPA (Centre of the Sociological, Economical, Political, and Anthropological Research) at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú  – PUCP (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) and by The Mountain Institute.

  • “Rateška južna” tasting: the final event of AlpFoodway pilot case in Rateče (SL)

    In June 14th 2019 project partner RAGOR organised the final event of the Rateče (SL) #AlpFoodway pilot case.  The main part of the event was a presentation and tasting of the traditional food from the 'Rateška južna' menu. The creation of a traditional menu was one of the activities carried out within the AlpFoodway pilot case in Rateče.

  • The dissemination activities of the AlpFoodway project: toward the Final Forum

    This year AlpFoodway project went deeper into the dissemination phase of the project. While deliverables were being closed and recommendations were written down, AlpFodway project partners were travelling in Europe and beyond to share the results of their research and of the innovative actions carried out in pilot areas.

  • Save the date for the AlpFoodway Forum in Milan!

    After doing lot of research, several pilot actions, discussing issues and creating a strong team, now it's time to share  with observers, policymakers and all interested public all the knowledge and experiences developed through the project. We'll do so at the AlpFoodway final forum in Milan, on October 29th, 2019. Save the date!